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well an eventful week

its been eventful week this week been asked by my land lord to take photos of the park for advertising so been doing that weather has been hot here is a shot i took today   new lens is working well. however the crop factor is making the magnification hard to work with as 75 now = 113 and 300 = 450 so i will need to pick up another after i buy the battery grip.



new lens on its way

well i just bought Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 II USM should be here tomorrow



 cost me £79 but ill get £50 back of the other so not so bad

also on friday i order the new flash gun  YN560 Flash Speedlite For Canon £50 and i just ordered an battery of play.com for the camera £7.50 so that should be here soon too then after all this i want to buy the battery grip for this camera

not a good day

well was cleaning my lens only to find this the damage is inside the lens so had to have been like it before i got it 

So 4 emails later they are giving me a full refund and i have found another lens

Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 II USM for £79  so if dose not sell by friday ill buy that one

on a lighter note I am almost done with assignment 2 of my photography course ten more to go lol

new stuff

morning all i got new items yesterday a new tripod some closeup macro lens filters

a new hood for my lens and i just ordered a filter holder too

so ill be posting some images later i got the tripod on offer at amazon.co.uk  £35 from £69 so half price and so far the tripod is good

here is an image from yesterday so cute very young hedgehog  

Treated my self

well i just ordered an new tripod and some close up macro lens filters i want to see what there like weather is bad right now so i cant get out and take any nice shots

I am hoping to get some nice Autumn color shots . I also got my dvd yesterday national geographic search for the afghan girl it is about the photographer steve McCurry’s search for a girl he photographed 17 years before.

he now tries to find out what happed to her

ill be posting more photos soon when i have edited them

thanks for reading

welcome to my new photography blog

Hi and welcome this is my new blog ill try to keep it updated I am studying professional photography Ill be posting photos I also sell prints as well