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What is it to me I have been asked this many times WHY do you do it

Well I have never really fitted in the world I see things so very different to others I see the universe unfold in a drop of water I see the mighty tree breathe in as it is kissed by the sun. Now people look at me like I have two heads or someone who needs to be medicated or indeed is medicated haha

I have resided myself to the fact that I will never be “normal” and as such I excepted a long time ago that I would not have normal things love, home, family, I am a lone traveller of time its self apart from people. I see the world in a way no other dose and for me photography is a way to show you what I see and how I see it long after my bones are dust and I am lost to the pages of time my photos will be my way of letting you follow my foot steps in time.

I want to show you the world through my eyes and through my dreams there is beauty in all living things you only have to look with your heart to see it and not your eyes for your eyes see very little only what society deems worthy of looking at photography lets me show you

When I’m out in town I walk and I watch the people and sometimes out of the gray and noise there is a moment when I see something and time seems to slow down in my eyes like I’m out of faze with time. The last time it was this women very pretty nice dress that was flowing in the wind her hair was red as fire and just as she passed a gray wall it was like she bloomed like spring with colour radiating life. I could have stayed in that moment but like all things it passes but the image is still to this day in my head

They say the age of digital photography has killed the magic and mystery of photography I don’t agree the magic is not the camera it’s the things we see the magic is that we can see them and we can shear them with the world

So why do I do photography ?? Simple I do it because it’s in my heart  I want to leave you all something when I am gone I want to give you back the magic that is LIFE if I see how wonderful you are and how special you all are then so can the camera and it can record it

If the eyes are the gateway to the soul then the camera is the gateway to the world

Life is so very short so let’s travel time together and not against each other

Thank you for reading



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