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hi all please note at this time i have moved my blog

it is now here http://footstepintime.blogspot.co.uk/

hope you all come over 


HELLO and welcome

first off let me say sorry for no updates and happy 2013 new year new start im really pushing my photography now.So expect alot of new photos coming website too i am also here 


check it out and let me know what you think 


looks like ill be stopping my course as i dont want to shoot people and module 6 is just that  and they dont want to work around it with me so i paid for nothing

i have only done 3 modules of this course and as such i asked for a refund but they will not refund as they say its a 7 day money back thing so all i did was waste money

Hi all

Hello all well been a long time but im back and with new shots also my new http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/darren-wilders.html site

here you will find my photos for sale also im working on updates to my flicker and the main site for my work 500pix links will be up soon to them


been a ruff year so far weather here has been bad and as such not been able to go out and take shots but seems to be getting a bit better now so will see


thanks for reading

an update

hi all still working hard i have uploaded some photos for sale at


please feel free to check it out tell me what you think

thank you

stars in the eyes

here is just two shots of a few i took tonight of the stars in the sky amazing to think how many there are this is my first time shooting stars so there not the best. I will get better ones


oh dear long time

been long time since last post weather has been bad and i have not been out much here is a few shots hope you like them